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09/22/2008 - We uploaded some (four, to be exact) live cuts to Youtube. You can check them out here.

02/27/2008 - We would like to thank mr. Serkan Ketenci, who sent us great pictures from last weekend's gig at Club On The Rocks, Helsinki. You can see them in the Gallery.

02/09/2007 - There is a few new mp3's in Audio/Video page. Other news: Let There Be Rock was released in March 1977. To celebrate that we are going to perform the album in it's entirely in every concert we play this year.

03/01/2006 - If you want to read a review written in english of the AC/DC Marathon, go here. It was originally published in Finland's biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat in February 20th. They seem to like Dirty Deeds Indeed... There's also a picture from our gig.

01/18/2006 -



World's first AC/DC MARATHON to be held in Oulu

The first - and biggest - AC/DC MARATHON will be held in Oulu on Saturday 18th of February for the benefit of The Finnish Association for Mental Health. All the proceeds will go towards supporting their work. The concert will be held in Club Teatria and it is scheduled to run for approximately 17 hours.

In this hard-rock marathon Finnish frontline musicians will be performing the entire AC/DC catalog consisting of 14-15 studio albums in a chronological order. Several bands and ensembles set up specifically for the occasion will be included.

The musicians are from various bands, including e.g. Sami Saari, Freud, Marx, Engels & Jung, Velcra, Quintessence, Emmi, Leningrad Cowboys, Ismo Alanko, Kirka, Gringos Locos and Topi Sorsakoski. As full bands for instance Morley, The Skreppers, Aino, Iivana Julma, Sweet Freaks and Dirty Deeds Indeed will appear.

The musicians, who take part with only catering and travel expenses paid, are professionals and semi-professionals from a wide range of musical genres. The marathon will reveal whether for instance classical and jazz-music professionals can deliver AC/DC rock music.

Also 'Live Wire', american AC/DC -cover band contest winner from New York is scheluded to appear. Furthermore, there are surprise numbers and performers and pyrotechnics all day long.

Jone Nikula and Ellen Jokikunnas are hosting the occasion among others.

The schedule in brief:

Doors open at approximately 10 a.m. The first band performs at approximately 10:30 to 11:30. From there on the bands take turns hourly. The performances continue until Sunday morning 3 a.m.

Admittance is 25 euros. Tickets for sale in Lippupalvelu. 2.300 seats available.

More information:
Pertti Havas
+358 400 584099

Dirty Deeds Indeed will perform the entire Let There Be Rock album.

04/04/2005 - Audio/Video Page has now three songs in Windows Media Video (WMV) format recorded from our Bon Scott In Memoriam 25 years Anniversary concert last February.

02/24/2005 - Gigs updated. We also added a brand new recording of track What's Next To The Moon to Audio & Video page from our Bon Scott In Memoriam 25 Years - gig from Tanssisali Lutakko, Jyväskylä. Go check it out!

10/21/2004 - Gigs updated.

10/16/2004 - We have now a new web domain, as you may have noticed. To celebrate this we have added a live video recording of Highway To Hell to Audio & Video page. Gigs are also updated.

02/05/2004 - Dirty Deeds Indeed's upcoming three-day mini-tour to commemorate Bon Scott''s death anniversary got mentioned in one of the most popular rock music site in the internet, the famous! Read about it here.

02/02/2004 - Gigs updated! Gallery has also a new section that includes great live photographs from our last December's gig in Central Finland's greatest rock club Tanssisali Lutakko.

09/14/2003 - We recorded our gig last Saturday and since we had such a blast, we decided to make some mp3's available! Check them out from Audio & Video Page.

06/03/2003 - Illu-Band, one of the most the legendary rock/pop groups of our home town Jyväskylä played a gig last week in club Jazz Bar. So what, you may ask. Well, here's why. Dirty Deeds Indeed's lead singer Timo was their guest vocalist, as he has been couple of times before. This time they played Down Payment Blues and yours truly (the webmaster, Juho) joined them on the stage. DPB with a horn section sounded surprisingly good...

Illu-Band feat. Timo Heinonen and Juho Hämäläinen from Dirty Deeds Indeed, Jazz Bar, Jyväskylä 28th May, 2003.

04/10/2003 - You can now order your copy of Voltage Overload - A Tribute to AC/DC compilation cd from Direct link here. Gigs are also updated with two upcoming shows. Dirty Deeds Indeed won't propably do much gigging next summer because two of us will have new family members in next June and July. Babies, that is.

03/15/2003 - Voltage Overload - A Tribute to AC/DC should be out in 22nd April. Dirty Deeds Indeed has the honor of opening the record with Live Wire. This compilation album was first supposed to be released in 2001, and that's why our version of Live Wire is from August 2000. Therefore it features our old rhythm team Riku Saaranluoma on bass and Mikko Holappa on drums.

The cd also includes songs from other AC/DC tribute bands such as Whole Lotta Rosies, Big Balls, Live Wire and Ballbreaker. Voltage Overload - A Tribute to AC/DC is released by Shark Bite Records. Visit their web site for more information.

02/24/2003 - Dirty Deeds Indeed's first gig in Kuopio was fukking great! We had a blast and we will surely be back in Kuopio later this year. Check out some photos from the gig here. Set list with some more photos here. In other news, Dirty Deeds Indeed is one of the bands featured in "Voltage Overload - A Tribute to AC/DC" compilation cd. The album will be released next summer by independent US label Shark Bite Records. More information coming up soon.

11/12/2002 - Gigs page is updated: Dirty Deeds Indeed will play in Kuopio next month. In other Dirty Deeds Indeed related news: Timo's and Juho's other band, heavy metal group Smash releases it's debut cd next saturday. More information available from Smash's home page.

11/12/2002 - Gigs page is updated with set lists from our last weekend's gigs.